Monday, August 07, 2006


1. The UPS man came today and brought 20 beautiful balls of Nashua Handknits Cilantro for the projects I'm doing for them. So nice that they sent them Next Day Air- I figured they wouldn't come until late in the week.
2. Lots of progress on the SWTC projects- the sweater should be done in a day or two and the Top Secret Project soon after.
3. I spent a few hours last night cleaning out the Yarn Closet- I decided to switch from organizing by weight to organizing by fiber. It somehow looks nicer this way. I was surprised to find that I have quite a bit of silk- I didn't realize that. I also filled one large Rubbermaid container with yarn for current (so I don't have to carry ALL of it at once in my bag) and immediately upcoming projects. It's full:

(2 bags Cilantro, 3 bags SWTC Karaoke- 2 colors, 1 bag SWTC Gianna, 1 bag Noro Silk Garden, and 1 bag of angora blend for my Bohus)
Once I get through this I can try hacking away at my stash- currently at 15 Rubbermaid boxes (only one of these is a huge one, though). I've never succeeded at yarn diets and I get a lot of samples from yarn companies too, so the pile just gets bigger no matter what, it seems. I guess I shouldn't complain!


sherry said...

ok, you can tell me how NOT to buy more yarn.. I started to organize my yarn, and have unofficially 15 projects lined up.. and fall yarns are here!!!!

Dana said...

I avoid looking at my whole stash at one time, it makes me nervous! I DID just finally put all my fiber into one bin, and it's FULL! I better get spinning! Hey, for the one skein wonder, do you think the sari silk is soft enough? I know you have worked with it before.

Dana said...

I think it's Mango Moon, I'll have to check when I go home. I just ordered the pattern from Glampyre, I'm waiting for confirmation so I can download it. It should be a quick knit, I'm excited. I think I can use my handspun llama and make the same thing too.
Thanks for your help!