Thursday, August 24, 2006

Breaking News

A little bird just told me that a certain sweater I recently finished for SWTC is going to appear in the February issue of Knit n' Style.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Real Live Picture

Lady Eleanor, so far. I did most of this last night with the knitty girls at Caribou in Dearborn. I also went to see the group in Troy (hi Dana and Amby!) at that Caribou tonight, which I normally can't, so I've gotten a lot of knitting done the last two days despite having to actually go to work. Tonight I worked on the second top for Nashua instead- the deadline is coming up and I couldn't justify indulging myself with the Silk Garden again when there's things I have to finish. Now I'm totally coffee-crazed- so in lieu of sleeping I think I'll knit some more in front of the tube.

P.S. Rachel, have you finished the crochet yet?

Monday, August 21, 2006

Additional Finishments

Over the weekend I finished the Top Secret project for SWTC (obviously, since it's Top Secret, I can't show you) and one of the tops for Nashua, which I don't think I should show you either. They both turned out nice, if that helps. Sorry.

Back to work today. Extreme slowdown in knitting progress expected. Sniff. Pout.

Friday, August 18, 2006

My True Yarn Loves

(In no particular order)
1. Koigu KPPPM
2. Karabella Aurora 8
3. La Luz Silk
4. Malabrigo
5. SWTC Karaoke
6. SWTC Phoenix
7. Socks That Rock
8. Noro Silk Garden
9. Nashua Handknits Cilantro (new found love- it's the Aurora 8 of cotton)
10. Noro Kureyon

What are yours?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

And I didn't buy anything

Emma and I made another trek to Dearborn today, so I could finally check out Neighborhood Knits when it was actually open (by the time I can leave for Caribou on Tuesdays they are already closed- which stings since I drive past it on my way there!) There was a lot of nice things, but in light of my recent purchases I didn't buy anything (I was prepared to if I saw something I really needed, though!) To make things fair for Emma we stopped at the Burger King on the way home that has a big climbing thing. Now we're both happy. The first top for Nashua may be completed tonight- we'll see.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More shopping, I'm afraid

Look what I got! I've put off buying Touch Me forever, but I finally gave in last Friday when I went to Knitters Night Out at Have You Any Wool. I can't wait to do something with it. Also, in the mail today was this cute Mango Moon needle case (zippered, with loops inside to hold needles) that I ordered from The Yarn Grove. There was a little note inside that answered a question that has been bugging me since TNNA- and that is, who was looking for me at the SWTC booth? (They told me someone had come by, but didn't know who). Mystery solved! Apparently, they are faithful readers of this here blog. I was tempted to order something after learning that they 1. Have free shipping, and 2. Said nice things about my designs on Knitters Review. So thanks ladies! Now to work a bit on Nashua Tank #1 before going to Caribou to work on it some more with the girls. Got to live it up a bit on my last few days off from work!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Yesterday I did two things you'll be proud of: cleaned the house (and a substantial portion of the basement) and finished this sweater for SWTC in their new Gianna yarn. (A sneak peek is provided above). I was hoping to ship it off today but it's still not dry from blocking (grr). I'm feeling kind of queasy today so it's just as well- I've been lolling in front of the tv, alternately knitting and napping while Emma amuses herself with her vast array of toys (still creating a mess in the other part of the basement, I'm afraid).

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Squalor Grows

I still haven't done any housework- it's getting scarier in here but I'm determined to finish some sweaters- and soon.

This is the yarn I've been using for thoses 2 tops I designed for Nashua Handknits (they will be in the pattern book "Seashore" by the way- for Spring '07). It's called Cilantro, and it is so nice. Mostly cotton, but very soft and springy- you can pull it out and it snaps back! The stitch definition is great, and I think ribbings will hold up nicely too (unusual for cotton yarn, no?) It looks a lot like Karabella Aurora 8 and knits to about 5 sts/in. Isn't it funny how the colors they sent match my comforter?

The other yarn I've been spending a lot of time with this week, SWTC Gianna, and the sweater that is now lacking only the button bands and collar. I've enjoyed working with this new yarn, which is essentially a bulky version of Karaoke (50% wool, 50% Soysilk). It is 3 ply, and each ply seems like a single strand of Karaoke. It works up quick- I had no problem knitting a sleeve in just a few hours. I'm working on another design for them in regular Karaoke right now too- after a few false starts I think I've figured out how to make it work.

One last treat, from the mailbox today- the latest issue of Cast On (Aug-Oct) with my felted Fair Isle pillow design inside! I did it in Lopi which felted great but was murder on my hands. It has a slit in the back so you can take the pillow form out if you need to.

I'm back to work a week from Monday- hopefully I'll have 2-3 finished garments (and their instructions!) in the mail by then, a clean house, and all my ducks in a row (need some new clothes, a trip to the teacher's store, stuff for Emma, etc.) Wish me luck- I'm going to need it!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Avoiding housework

I have to go back to work (another school year is nearly upon us) soon, so I am frantically knitting the design projects I have going (so many cropped up in the past few weeks) before I do. Yesterday I got really annoyed by how messy the basement is and almost dropped everything and cleaned it, but instead Emma and I went out for Chinese and then I went back to my knitting. It was for the best.
Nashua is giving me as much time as they can (scheduled my sweaters for the last day of the photo shoot) which I appreciate. So far I've finished the math for the sample's size on both, knitted one back (luckily they're both sleeveless-yay!)and started on a front. When I get a cramp later I'll work out the numbers for the other sizes- my least favorite part of the process, but a necessary one. The fine and lovely ladies at my SnB night on Tuesday got to see it in progress, unfortunately you guys don't. Sorry! A little shot of something else to tide you over:
This is the yarn I bought exactly one year ago at Stitches Midwest, at which I am not this year, unfortunately. Considering the woefully large state of my stash, I haven't done too bad as far as using this stuff. I've knit all the Kureyon (great price from Webs at the show) except for the blue (the reddish balls became my Fuzzy Feet, the purple ones a One Skein Wonder). I've started knitting the Bohus kit in the back. I wound the La Luz silk (got it super cheap) but haven't actually used it yet, and as for the ball of Lily Chin, it still sitting there. She spent so much time chatting with me in one of the booths about her new line that I thought I'd better buy something, at least to try out. Just haven't had a chance yet, I guess. To anyone who is actually there, have enough fun for the both of us- maybe I'll make it next year.

Monday, August 07, 2006


1. The UPS man came today and brought 20 beautiful balls of Nashua Handknits Cilantro for the projects I'm doing for them. So nice that they sent them Next Day Air- I figured they wouldn't come until late in the week.
2. Lots of progress on the SWTC projects- the sweater should be done in a day or two and the Top Secret Project soon after.
3. I spent a few hours last night cleaning out the Yarn Closet- I decided to switch from organizing by weight to organizing by fiber. It somehow looks nicer this way. I was surprised to find that I have quite a bit of silk- I didn't realize that. I also filled one large Rubbermaid container with yarn for current (so I don't have to carry ALL of it at once in my bag) and immediately upcoming projects. It's full:

(2 bags Cilantro, 3 bags SWTC Karaoke- 2 colors, 1 bag SWTC Gianna, 1 bag Noro Silk Garden, and 1 bag of angora blend for my Bohus)
Once I get through this I can try hacking away at my stash- currently at 15 Rubbermaid boxes (only one of these is a huge one, though). I've never succeeded at yarn diets and I get a lot of samples from yarn companies too, so the pile just gets bigger no matter what, it seems. I guess I shouldn't complain!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm not sharing him, sorry

Emma is going to a birthday party this afternoon, which means Hubbo and I have a few hours to ourselves. When I asked what he wanted to do today, he said, "Are there any yarn stores you've been wanting to go to? Maybe some that are farther away? Maybe a few? I'll come with you."

Excuse me?

Of course I said yes. Yarn p*rn later.

ETA: We went to Skeins on Main in Rochester, which was by far the most "sitting down friendly" shop I've been in. Lots of couches and stuff, and good yarn too. Hubbo said things like, "Oohh...a Noro book!" and "I like the effect of that yarn in that sweater." It was pretty cool. I restrained myself since it's not like I needed anything, and bought this:

The new Knit Simple, an old Knitter's (only $2- the one with my design in it, figured I could use an extra copy), some wayyyy marked down Rowan R2 Rag (it's a strip of fabric, really) and some Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille for those flower facecloths from Weekend Knitting (good gifts!). I was happy to see it's now in "ball" form- I have a swift and winder but it's nicer not to need them, you know?

One more picture, of Emma in ballet today:

Friday, August 04, 2006


Super-exciting designing-related news has come to me this morning- more details when I have them, okay?
ETA: I have more details now (you can get off the edge of your seat now, Lolly)
Exciting news #1: Kerrie of MagKnits fame is using a design of mine in her upcoming real-live book!
Exciting news #2: 2 designs of mine were just accepted for Nashua Handknits Spring/Summer 2007 line!
Now to finish some work for SWTC so I can be ready for more yarn to arrive- guess my own projects go on hold for a bit again- oh well!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

And then there were two

Another pair finished. I got to the gusset Sunday at the Harlot and managed to nearly finish the toe Tuesday during a surprisingly long meetup with some local knitters at the Caribou Coffee in Dearborn- I didn't get home until nearly 11:00 (and arrived at 6:30!!) The drive home was interesting. There was power were we were knitting, but once I drove about a block or two in the direction of home there wasn't, and it was dark most of the way home. Lots of four-way stopping at intersections with lights out, which I don't enjoy. The knitting (and company) was great though- I should be able to go most weeks, and unlike the other two meetups during the week, it's actually on a night I can go AND not super far from my house. Yay!

I got yarn for the Top Secret project for SWTC yesterday, and I'm plugging away at the other sweater in their new Gianna yarn. I also cast on for a Chic Knits Bucket Hat in some of my Cotton Ease stash, and a new pair of STR for a second pair of Jaywalkers. And lest you think I don't buy much yarn anymore (though I am trying to use what I have) I did spend the Knitty honorarium I just got on a whole bag of Silk Garden- probably for a Lady Eleanor (since I love entrelac).

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Scout's UFO Meme

Because Scout asked me to, here's my current UFOs. A sock, and as it happens, 4 sweaters, including my long-suffering Level 3 Aran for the Master Knitter Program, which I'll probably never finish because I don't like knitting it. Going around clockwise from the bottom, we have the Aran, a partial strip from the Faith Jacket, the sock, a sweater for SWTC, and my other long-suffering project, my Bohus sweater from the kit I got at Stitches Midwest last year. Each is spewing out of the bag it's hiding in, though at the moment I do have a few empty knitting bags (my blue Jordana Paige satchel and my Flo bag, among them.) That's a waste, right? Guess I should start something new to take care of that little problem!

10K story and prizes awarded!

Well, the whole Harlot thing kind of overshadowed getting around to this post, but here we go. The morning of the 10K was disgustingly hot and humid, for starters. To make matters worse, a good chunk of the run was on a really uneven dirt road. Just before the 5K turnaround point (it was out and back, not a loop) I stumbled in a funny spot in the road and twisted my ankle. I ended up walking the rest of the way to the 5K turnaround point and back, so I only managed 5K. My ankle is feeling better after a bit of rest so I will be out again once it is no longer like eleventy million degrees outside, which the weatherman says will be Thursday.

I have prizes to give to those kind ladies who donated to Girls on the Run as part of my fundraising efforts for the marathon this fall. Behold!

For Jennifer, 2 skeins of Koigu and an issue of Keito Dama.

For Cathi, 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces and some lovely Knit Notes made by the aforementioned Jennifer.

For Sherry, a big ball of Trekking and the Art of Knitting 2 DVD.

I have more goodies for others who wish to donate- I will randomly send out goodies from my big box of yarny goodness to generous donators until it is empty. Go here to donate. Thank you!!
Bonus picture of the boys, it's been a while: