Thursday, August 10, 2006

Avoiding housework

I have to go back to work (another school year is nearly upon us) soon, so I am frantically knitting the design projects I have going (so many cropped up in the past few weeks) before I do. Yesterday I got really annoyed by how messy the basement is and almost dropped everything and cleaned it, but instead Emma and I went out for Chinese and then I went back to my knitting. It was for the best.
Nashua is giving me as much time as they can (scheduled my sweaters for the last day of the photo shoot) which I appreciate. So far I've finished the math for the sample's size on both, knitted one back (luckily they're both sleeveless-yay!)and started on a front. When I get a cramp later I'll work out the numbers for the other sizes- my least favorite part of the process, but a necessary one. The fine and lovely ladies at my SnB night on Tuesday got to see it in progress, unfortunately you guys don't. Sorry! A little shot of something else to tide you over:
This is the yarn I bought exactly one year ago at Stitches Midwest, at which I am not this year, unfortunately. Considering the woefully large state of my stash, I haven't done too bad as far as using this stuff. I've knit all the Kureyon (great price from Webs at the show) except for the blue (the reddish balls became my Fuzzy Feet, the purple ones a One Skein Wonder). I've started knitting the Bohus kit in the back. I wound the La Luz silk (got it super cheap) but haven't actually used it yet, and as for the ball of Lily Chin, it still sitting there. She spent so much time chatting with me in one of the booths about her new line that I thought I'd better buy something, at least to try out. Just haven't had a chance yet, I guess. To anyone who is actually there, have enough fun for the both of us- maybe I'll make it next year.


Amby said...

Oooh, La Luz silk...I'm jealous! :-)

Lolly said...

Yeah, that La Luz is beautiful!

Ce-Ce said...

Beautiful yarn... I thought I was the only one who postponed housework all day in favor of knitting.

rachel said...

I didn't just get to see the WIP, I got to touch it. And my, is that yarn wonderful. Like "I'd use this as pillows" wonderful.