Monday, April 30, 2007

Gettin' my Frolic on

Several of the Detroit Area Knitters took on Toronto this past weekend (including me, obviously!) for some serious yarn acquisition/knitting/tasty food consumption. Here's the recap:
We took the train out from Windsor Friday morning (of course getting a good 4 hours of knitting in the process) and arrived at the hotel, having gotten a great deal going as a group (more money for yarn, yes?) We spent most of the day messing around and knitting, then headed out to the Spotted Dick for more knitting and drinks. Sonya and I decided to act silly out front, as you can see.

That's the Ruffles scarf she's working on in the picture. My knitting was inside (still the top secret project, so...)

Saturday we hopped on the subway and a bus to get to the Knitter's Frolic. We decided to forgo the classes in favor of maximum shopping, which we achieved. My target was some Seasilk, which we have yet to locate in our area. It was plentiful, though it seemed to go fast. We took a break for a snack of sushi and other goodies, then who should we bump in to but the Harlot herself!

This is the point where Dana and Amby wish they had come with us, I suspect. My one (maybe there were more) embarrassing moment was when I turned around and whacked someone with my knitting bag, only to discover that it was Taiu Landra, of Koigu fame. As a total Koigu freak I should be flogged in public for this transgression!

(Angela, Beth and I outside the Frolic)

Although I spent far less than some of my companions (let's remember that Seasilk doesn't come cheap) I had a good haul from the Frolic. Behold!
Much pinkness (Koigu, Seasilk, and really cheap Opal on sale):

And some cheap but cute sock yarn:

After the Frolic we squoze in a trip to Romni Wools as we had been regaled with tales of its bigness from a fellow local knitter. It was freakishly huge- 6000 square feet, we were informed, with high ceilings and yarn crammed up to them. You had to walk sideways, I'm not kidding. (Sonya took pictures there, you'll have to take my word for it for now.) The best part was the sale room (yes room, not corner, basket, or cubby) in the basement in which we scored some bargains. For me, it was Touch Me (yes, Dana, it's purple!) for $9.90 a ball, and that's Canadian money too.

We about freaked. I also picked up a pair of pink Swallow casein needles, which I like but don't actually knit with. I haven't seen them in a couple of years, and I didn't have a pink pair!

(Me enjoying the sun at Lettuce Knit)

Sunday (gorgeous weather!!) we went up to Lettuce Knit, which I had been to before but the others hadn't, plus we learned of their fine selection of Go Knit bags. We all got one (or more). I have 3 now- 2 pink, 1 camo -they're so handy for socks. I also picked up the other skein of Seasilk I had almost bought at the Frolic (at their booth), a cute Lettuce Knit magnet,

and... yet another Lexie Barnes bag (a long needle case).

I think my Lexie Barnes levels are dangerously high, don't you?

The last little bit of drama was when we went to leave for the train back to Windsor (with much more to carry then when we arrived, naturally) and discovered no cab could reach us due to a Giant Parade of Sikhs downtown. Streets were closed and traffic was a dead stop. As the time of our departure began to draw dangerously close (the streetcars were stuck in traffic too, and no doubt the subway, even if we could have gotten all the bags down there, was crowded with no other options available) we made a run for it. Our faithful bellman ran along with us, dragging the overloaded cart of luggage with him. We must have looked crazy, but we made it to the train with minutes to spare. Whew!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Good news

A little bird told me a sweater I did for SWTC is planned for an upcoming (soon) issue of Knit n' Style!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

6 months

I've been trying all week to get out and walk in hopes of getting back in shape for this year's marathon (and for myself too). Monday I got dressed and made it about 10 houses down the street before I came back. I'm blaming the fact that I was still sick with about the 90 millionth cold I've had since the fall. Anyway, I laid out my running shoes night after night, only to sleep in/feel too cranky/etc. Today I finally got out, though it was such a gorgeous day I've have been crazy not too.

Of course, it felt soooo good. Now I think I can keep it up. You forget how good you feel when you get exercise when you're not exercising, but it's hard to start when you haven't been, you know? For me, when I'm not exercising, I try to get the lift I need from food, and you know what happens next!

Anyway, I noticed that today is exactly 6 months from the marathon, so perfect that I got started today. I'm shooting for 500 miles between now and then...think I can do it? Last summer I was walking/running about 100-125 miles each month, so I think so, if I don't slack off. I'm starting from a worse place this year, since I really put on some weight this winter (again, the constant colds, sleeping more, trying to perk myself up with something tasty...)

Oh yeah, the knitting. I'm almost to the underarms on the top secret project (front AND back, mind you) and I think since we got some new Netflix in the mail today I'll get there tonight!

Just venting

Hubbo's car is super expensive broken, and he had already spent over $700 on it recently for tires and some other upkeep-type things.

Mine is pretty old, so I'm crossing my fingers nothing else breaks!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

4300 stitches

Yes, that is how much I accomplished last night at SnB (I was counting rows anyway!) I'm feeling a bit less distressed about my mega-deadline project now that it looks like a good chunk of a sweater (and I've only been working on it for 4 days). If I can get to the underarms by Saturday night I should be in good shape.

I actually went out for a walk this week (Monday at 5:30 am) but I didn't last long due to a new cold (must be about the 10th one this year- ridiculous!!) I'm feeling better now though, so hopefully I can get going more regularly. I want to take 20 minutes off my marathon time this year, so I've got to get going and keep going!

The other day when I heard Kurt Vonnegut died (he was my absolute favorite author) I went through my books to see which I was missing. I pretty much have them all, even some more obscure titles, but I was missing, of all things, Slaughterhouse Five. Okay, only the book that everyone on earth has heard of, and probably had to read for a school assignment at some time! Anyway, I'm going to pick that one up, and I'm starting a big re-read of his books. Right before he died I had been rereading Galapagos, and I'm almost done with Deadeye Dick now. Reading is the best thing for me right before bed when I'm too tired to knit properly!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Look what the UPS man brought me! Swatching samples from Tilli Tomas- as soon as I finish up my current projects I'm going to be doing a bit o' designing with these lovely skeins...

Speaking of swatching, I started on my new project (unbloggable, sorry) for SWTC today. The new (mystery) yarn is soooooo gorgeous! I really love it. If you're going to TNNA in June you can see it (and me too).
Here's a bit of trivia...
What event occured on April 12, 1990?
Why, Hubbo's and my first date, of course! (I know, awwwww!) It was a double date, actually. We went to Ann Arbor, ate, walked around, etc., and I got grounded for a week because my mom didn't know I had even gone out until I got back. Late. Oops. I also got a lecture about "dating a senior"- I was in 1oth grade at the time. The first day I was "ungrounded" he came over and brought blueberry muffins for my mom and chased my little brother (then 11, now an old man) around the backyard. Very cute. Since our wedding (in '95) was a quick courthouse affair (we already lived together, so why the big fuss?), we generally consider this to be our "real" anniversary.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's that time of year again!

I signed up for Sockapalooza 4 today. It was a lot of fun last year and given the generous amount of time to complete them, it should be no problem to get them done on time. Who else is in?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Did stuff

Oh yes. I actually cleaned the house (wow!) I wrote up the pattern for the Cast On design. I actually cooked my child a hot meal. Right now I'm waiting on the UPS man to bring my new super secret yarn from SWTC and thinking about getting cleaned up to go knit with the girls tonight.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Just a peek

Yesterday I knit all through the relative-visiting (no one seemed to mind, it's not like we're religious anyway, strictly an Easter Bunny thing) and finished one of the socks for Cast On and part of the second (no, that's NOT what's in the picture). The picture is a peek of the most recent thing I finished for SWTC in their new Craft yarn.
My plan, since I'm home this week, is to finish the Cast On socks by tomorrow night when I go to knit with the girls (I get to go out to knit 3 times this week- yippee!) The yarn for the next (and big) SWTC project is coming in the next couple of days and I want to be able to get started on that right away. I have NO IDEA what this new yarn even looks like so it should be interesting.
Today I start training for the marathon again. Really. I've been totally lazy all winter and have the extra me to prove it. I'm dusting off the shoes this afternoon.
But until then, back to the couch!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Anatomy of a good day

Ahh.... Spring Break.

Today I:

Slept in.
Knitted on the project for the fall issue of Cast On (want to finish it this week).
Reorganized my stash (this time by manufacturer, except for sock yarn). The boys helped, as you can see. I will also admit to sorting out old magazines and boxing them up. Realized that I have every issue of Vogue Knitting from Spring 2001 and every issue of FCEK since Fall 1998. The others are more sporadic, for some reason-- or some got lost or cut up (I've done that from time to time to save space).

Got swatching samples in the mail from Berroco, also a huge binder of shade cards.
Got the new issue of Knitter's in the mail.
Got a surprise from Hubbo. I'd really been wanting one of these-- on sale at last!
Took a long nap.
Caught up on blog reading.
Ate ice cream.
Watched movies (strategic mailing back resulted in big load from Netflix yesterday).

Not bad. I have a new design project in the works, in a not-yet released and I believe unbloggable yarn from SWTC. If all goes well it will be on the runway at TNNA in June (which I am going to, though I won't be there in time for the fashion show).

In real-life knitting, I've made a bit of progress on Hubbo's socks (turned the heel on the first one), but they're on hold until I finish everything that's got to get done in the next month. The one down side of designing, in my opinion-- not enough time for personal knitting!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Great Sigh of Relief

1. Mailed sweater February 20 to Kerrie Allman for her upcoming book, airmail. Nice lady at the counter says "4-8 days." Foolishly, I believe her.
2. According to tracking number, sweater leaves country through O'Hare on February 24.
3. Trail dries up.
4. Amy and Kerrie worry.
5. Amy and Kerrie worry some more.
6. Kerrie has adorable new baby.
7. Amy and Kerrie keep worrying.
8. Kerrie makes lots of calls to post office.
9. Amy makes lots of calls to post office.
10. Miraculously, today, it arrives. Safely.

And on the day Spring Break starts too. Does it get any better?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Blogiversary to Me

Yes, indeed. 2 years since the first post-- how time flies.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Stuff and Junk

I finished one design for SWTC last night - see sneak peek above, it's in "Amaizing" - (I've been doing a bunch of quick projects for them lately) and should finish another tonight when I meet up with the girls (while they can regale me with stories from the Harlot-ness I missed on Sunday). At least I made it last time she was here, so I can't complain too much.

Spring Break starts in a couple of days and I can't wait! I'm planning on finishing up a bunch of tech edits and the design for Cast On, plus a few new submissions as well. And maybe, just maybe, I'll actually scrub, not just ignore, the bathroom. Please don't come over unannounced or anything until further notice, for your own protection.

Oh, and my sweater for Kerrie Allman's book is STILL missing, a great international investigation is being launched in hopes of locating it (I admire her effort, especially with a brand new baby to care for!) Cross your fingers, that's a lot of Koigu on size 3 needles to just vanish!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Best laid plans...

Didn't end up making to see the Harlot today- woke up feeling totally cruddy :( After a long afternoon nap, though, I am nearly finished with the design I'm working on for SWTC- hopefully I can finish it in the next day or so!