Friday, April 06, 2007

Anatomy of a good day

Ahh.... Spring Break.

Today I:

Slept in.
Knitted on the project for the fall issue of Cast On (want to finish it this week).
Reorganized my stash (this time by manufacturer, except for sock yarn). The boys helped, as you can see. I will also admit to sorting out old magazines and boxing them up. Realized that I have every issue of Vogue Knitting from Spring 2001 and every issue of FCEK since Fall 1998. The others are more sporadic, for some reason-- or some got lost or cut up (I've done that from time to time to save space).

Got swatching samples in the mail from Berroco, also a huge binder of shade cards.
Got the new issue of Knitter's in the mail.
Got a surprise from Hubbo. I'd really been wanting one of these-- on sale at last!
Took a long nap.
Caught up on blog reading.
Ate ice cream.
Watched movies (strategic mailing back resulted in big load from Netflix yesterday).

Not bad. I have a new design project in the works, in a not-yet released and I believe unbloggable yarn from SWTC. If all goes well it will be on the runway at TNNA in June (which I am going to, though I won't be there in time for the fashion show).

In real-life knitting, I've made a bit of progress on Hubbo's socks (turned the heel on the first one), but they're on hold until I finish everything that's got to get done in the next month. The one down side of designing, in my opinion-- not enough time for personal knitting!


Shorty said...

Glad you're enjoying your spring break.

I could only wish to be as organized as you are. Maybe one day when I grow up, I can be just like you! lol


Amy said...

You're silly!

Larjmarj said...

Shheesh! You are too organized, I had the week off and only managed to clean my bathroom!
Enjoy your time off, take more naps ;-)