Saturday, April 21, 2007

6 months

I've been trying all week to get out and walk in hopes of getting back in shape for this year's marathon (and for myself too). Monday I got dressed and made it about 10 houses down the street before I came back. I'm blaming the fact that I was still sick with about the 90 millionth cold I've had since the fall. Anyway, I laid out my running shoes night after night, only to sleep in/feel too cranky/etc. Today I finally got out, though it was such a gorgeous day I've have been crazy not too.

Of course, it felt soooo good. Now I think I can keep it up. You forget how good you feel when you get exercise when you're not exercising, but it's hard to start when you haven't been, you know? For me, when I'm not exercising, I try to get the lift I need from food, and you know what happens next!

Anyway, I noticed that today is exactly 6 months from the marathon, so perfect that I got started today. I'm shooting for 500 miles between now and then...think I can do it? Last summer I was walking/running about 100-125 miles each month, so I think so, if I don't slack off. I'm starting from a worse place this year, since I really put on some weight this winter (again, the constant colds, sleeping more, trying to perk myself up with something tasty...)

Oh yeah, the knitting. I'm almost to the underarms on the top secret project (front AND back, mind you) and I think since we got some new Netflix in the mail today I'll get there tonight!

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Larjmarj said...

My pup keeps me in the walking mode. Today he's leaving me alone but I think that I should take him out anyway. I know what you mean about the hibernation weight. I feel like a "bah-boom-bah".
Hope to make it this week!