Wednesday, April 18, 2007

4300 stitches

Yes, that is how much I accomplished last night at SnB (I was counting rows anyway!) I'm feeling a bit less distressed about my mega-deadline project now that it looks like a good chunk of a sweater (and I've only been working on it for 4 days). If I can get to the underarms by Saturday night I should be in good shape.

I actually went out for a walk this week (Monday at 5:30 am) but I didn't last long due to a new cold (must be about the 10th one this year- ridiculous!!) I'm feeling better now though, so hopefully I can get going more regularly. I want to take 20 minutes off my marathon time this year, so I've got to get going and keep going!

The other day when I heard Kurt Vonnegut died (he was my absolute favorite author) I went through my books to see which I was missing. I pretty much have them all, even some more obscure titles, but I was missing, of all things, Slaughterhouse Five. Okay, only the book that everyone on earth has heard of, and probably had to read for a school assignment at some time! Anyway, I'm going to pick that one up, and I'm starting a big re-read of his books. Right before he died I had been rereading Galapagos, and I'm almost done with Deadeye Dick now. Reading is the best thing for me right before bed when I'm too tired to knit properly!


Beth said...

You must have a better stitch-n-bitch than I do. Everyone shows up late and leaves early. I hardly get anything done. 4300 stitches is impressive no matter what, though!

Cathi said...

Hey- this is totally unrelated to your post (4300 sts is awesome!), but I think I'm going to be in Columbus, and I would love to meet you!

Larjmarj said...

I need to get back into my reading. I have been the queen of slacking lately, I think I need to back away from the computer a little bit more..
Those damn you-tube videos.