Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Knit n' Style

The mailman brought the new issue of Knit n' Style today (February 2009) with my sweater design in Aslan Trends Artesanal, a yarn I've been working with a lot lately! I'm especially proud of this one because it's my first design in Knit n' Style to be under my own name, rather than under the yarn company with my name all little at the end of the pattern-- meaning, I did it directly for Knit n' Style, not for a yarn company who then placed it in the magazine (this was special in itself as I had to be invited to meet with the editor in person to submit). I have a design in 5 of the 6 issues for 2009-- right now I'm knitting the third one as it's due in a few weeks.

Here it is:

The collar is convertible-- if you unbutton it, it can be worn as a regular collar rather than a turtleneck.

Edited to add: link to magazine pic

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Silk Garden Socks

Finally finished these the other day! Now if I can manage to finish the other pair that's been on the needles for far too long, I'll be all set. Of course, I've got a mountain of design projects to work on, so we'll see how long it takes!

Yesterday I FINALLY got to go to The Spinning Loft, which I've been meaning to go to for AGES. Sonya, Miranda, Dana and I headed out and partook of some lovely fibers (Sonya is a recent but intense convert to spinning. I suspect it won't be long before she gives in and gets a wheel). I got a few different things (all small amounts, just to play with)-- mohair locks, silk, angora, and some really gorgeous Pygora that I already started spinning on my wheel. I also got 4 oz of undyed superwash merino fiber that will someday become socks.
One more lovely day of messing around, then tomorrow it's back to work-- I've got some edits to finish, new designs to start knitting, patterns to write up and submissions that need to be sketched up and swatched. (I know, what an awful job I have, right?)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Busy weekend

I could sum it up easily... Taco Bell, Halloween candy, Diet Coke, and lots and lots of tech editing for an upcoming Vickie Howell book. I've got some big deadlines coming up midweek, and since Emma will be home Tuesday (plus who knows how long it will take to vote) I wanted to get as much done over the weekend as I could. I'm feeling a bit sluggish from too much time in my favorite working chair (my big comfy chaise, just perfect for knitting or my little lap desk and laptop).

I did start a little project while waiting for Emma at ballet this week-- and it went so fast it's already done! The pattern is Bounce by John Brinegar, free on Ravelry.

It took a little over a half skein of Malabrigo-- not bad. I hadn't done brioche in a long time, and it was a nice break from "work" knitting.

And speaking of books, one I designed a pattern for is up on Amazon-- can't wait to see it! The listing tells what kind of projects are in it-- I did the smocked top.