Monday, November 16, 2009

The Theme is Frosting

I know, I know-- so neglected. I've been super busy on Spring designs (for Mission Falls, Nashua, Skacel, Aslan Trends, bunch of magazines and who knows what else!) and tech editing. Besides that, it's all about spinning, which has become my "fun" thing, since pretty much all my knitting is for someone else.

Over the weekend I got to attend a really cool art yarns workshop with Jacey Boggs at the Spinning Loft. I learned a ton, got to sleep over at the shop and generally had a really good time. Behold some of the yarn I made (warning- I used random fiber to practice with, so don't hold the color combos against me):

Design-wise, I've got stuff coming out soon in VK and Knitscene and then a bunch more in the Spring issues. I did a stocking design for the new (Winter) Love of Knitting (my friend Jae did one too); actually there's a bunch of stocking patterns in this issue -- check it out!