Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wee Little Sock

I got a lot done the past couple of days (editing patterns, finishing 2 sweater designs) so to celebrate I took a few minutes out of my day to knit this little sock (the one that goes with the sock blocker keychain). It called for size 0's, I probably should have used 1's since it came out a bit small (it is squeezed onto that blocker!!) But I knit tight, after all. I like the colors (ancient leftover Koigu) so I'm sticking with it for now, I may knit another when I want to change it up. I've been meaning to make some of those tiny sock earrings too, I may do that later, we'll see... (or I may just work on an old project, like my Touch Me scarf). Tomorrow I'm starting on 3 new designs that are due in October, but until then, I'm going to do whatever I want!!
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

At last!

It feels like forever since I knit these (it was about a year and a half ago, I checked) but the slipper socks I did for Creative Knitting in SWTC Karaoke are finally coming out (they got rescheduled twice--it happens). I'm happy about that, but even happier that they picked them for the "preview of next issue". You can see them here. The actual pattern will be in the next issue, which is January.

I also enjoyed the editor's letter, which mentions Jonelle Raffino's book Purls Forever. Shameless self-promotion: I did two designs for that one and helped with the proofreading. If you haven't seen it, you might want to take a look. It has some nice patterns, but I think the best part is the interesting stories about Jonelle's grandmother, great-grandmother, etc. and the influence that knitting and crocheting have had through the generations. I don't come from a particularly "crafty" family myself so it's nice to think about having that sort of a legacy. Emma is a little "yarn averse" right now (I think for the same reason she wanted to do ballet instead of tap like me) but hopefully in time she'll get interested (someone has to inherit the stash, right??)

Monday, September 24, 2007


Today I'm mostly flaking out and knitting (it's one of the designs I'm working on, so not a total slacker). I tech edited 9 patterns over the past few days which meant countless hours checking math, re-formatting, and proofing, and other tedious tasks-- I enjoy it on a weird level, but I don't usually have so much to do at once (hence the fried part). Later is tap class-- yay!

Anyway, Sonya tagged me to tell 7 random things about myself, so here goes:
1. People have often gotten the wrong idea of me based on first impressions-- this has more to do with the fact that I'm really shy around people I don't know well.

2. I truly believe that Diet Coke is the nectar of the gods.

3. I work well under pressure, in fact so well that I often create unnecessary drama with deadlines. I wait until I have JUST enough time to finish, then crank it out in an (all-night, if necessary) marathon of work.

4. The best cure for stress is exercise, I believe; however, the one I usually go for is food. Especially stuff that's not good for you. Still working on that one.

5. I love complete sets of things, and will buy stuff just to complete the set (books in a series, all lengths/sizes of Addis, etc). Good thing I don't collect expensive figurines or anything.

6. I really don't care that much about decorating. Sometimes I feel guilty about this because I think I'm "supposed to". Clean/organized is enough for me, sorry.

7. I worry way too much about what other people think.

And tagging? Hey, anyone who wants to, consider yourself "it."

Thursday, September 20, 2007


This week I made a little vow to get caught up on some things, sorely needed after my too much fun weekend yarn shopping and hanging out with my knitty pals. So, with that in mind, behold some little peeks at what I've been up to (yes, these have both gone off to their new homes in the last 24 hours).

The frothy mohair delight, destined for a Nashua Handknits book next year. I normally don't love knitting mohair, but I found their Creative Focus Kid Mohair to be a lot less "sticky" and prickly than some of the others I've worked with. I enjoyed working with it and was shocked when I finished this (rather large project) in just 1 week. Yes, I love the buttons too. The whole thing turned out so gorgeous that I wish I could show it all.

Next up, something pink for a book called Knit on Down (all top-down patterns) that is coming out next year. This one is in SWTC Tofutsies, which I love. Yes, it can be a bit splitty if you're not careful, but it washes so beautifully and is so cool and soft when worn that I don't care. And it's not just for socks, you know.

Today it's down to tech editing land and both finishing the last edging on a top in Tilli Tomas Plie and working on another design for SWTC in their Yin and Yang yarns- in really pretty charcoal grey.

In other news, Emma started her new ballet class yesterday and really liked it-- I got in some knitting time while I waited, which was nice. I also squeezed in a few rows knitting at the blood drive at her school, but unfortunately it ended up being an "I tried" situation... apparently I'm a bit too anemic at the moment. Good excuse for a cheeseburger, though!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Yesterday was our much-anticipated Knitterpalooza. Above we see the guests at the home of the ever-gracious Kristi. Many of the lovely ladies I knit with were there (let's not forget the lovely and blogless Angela and Beth), some I know only in blogland, some I've met before, plus some new (to me) faces. We started out the day with a shop crawl to Threadbear, Rae's, and an odd store called something like Little Red Schoolhouse (they had dolls that were really scary, like creepy-come-to-get-you-in-your-sleep dolls, but what do I know, I'm afraid of clowns!). We finished up with a super fun BBQ, door prizes, and lots of knitting. I got some super nice stitch markers from Mel for a prize- yay! I did buy some yarn, though I budgeted myself carefully... there was some crazy sales at Threadbear; I ended up with 2 big skeins of variegated bulky wool and 9 skeins of hot pink silk for just over $30!! At Rae's I got a skein of Socks That Rock (actually in person, imagine that), a medium size Go Knit bag (I've been wanting one), and a knitting magnet that goes on your car.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Hey wow!

I found out I'm going to have a design in the Spring/Summer issue of Knit Simple! :O

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Greetings from the Land o' Mohair

Glad it cooled off, because I'm on a tight mohair-related deadline this week. I put it off initially, choosing to work on other design projects because the prospect of knitting clouds of mohair in 90 degree heat is most unappealing, even with air conditioning.

Now, though, it's perfect.

Anyway, no time for love... got to finish the body of the sweater today....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Stitch n' Pitch

Yesterday was the Detroit Stitch n' Pitch game-- we had a lot of fun! I went with Hubbo, but left him to actually watch the game in peace while I knitted with my Tuesday night knitting friends Angela, Beth, and Sonya. Since our seats weren't together, we roamed from place to place, finally settling in at a nice shady picnic table with a decent view of the field. Here's the sock I brought to work on (didn't get as much done as I thought I would, but oh well!)
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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Take 2

About a week ago I ordered another spindle (a much lighter one, a little over 1 oz, since the nearly 3 oz ones I already have, the top whorl I got in a kit years ago and the Ashford Classic bottom whorl, are no good for finer/lighter yarns, I'm told). I got it from Spunky Eclectic, along with some pretty hand-dyed roving (superwash merino, I have a little fantasy about spinning sock yarn and making socks, a la Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook, a book that has been fueling that urge for several years now). We'll see.

The spindle is a Schacht Hi-Lo (right now I'm preferring bottom whorl, but this one can be used both ways in case I change my mind). Not fancy or anything but it spins nicely. The color of the roving is Bruised Ego (I wanted something different than the sock yarn I usually buy).

Anyway, the box arrived just as we were leaving for a bbq, but when I got home I spun a bit of the sample roving that Amy so lovingly wrapped around the spindle (it looked like a lollpop, I should have taken a picture!) It turned out a lot better than my first try the other day-- I'm encouraged!! Here it is with its twist setting in my shower:

What do you think?

(Yes, I'm knitting too-- I finished a sock for a book today at the bbq and the Tilli Tomas top is just in need of finishing. I just can't SHOW that stuff right now, so I'm showing you this).

Oh, and tomorrow is Stitch n' Pitch in Detroit-- for those who are going, see you there!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

First Day of School

Today was Emma's first day of school without me (new school, and mom is not teaching now). She woke up really early, got ready, and attempted to leave for the bus an hour early since she was so excited. (I did eventually manage to get her back in the house for awhile). Hubbo and I met her at school (her little face looked very cute on the bus) for a quick tour and then snuck out to breakfast. She had nothing but good things to report, so all is well in the new place.

As for me?

Tomorrow (first full day of school) I'm planning to get a lot done. Wow.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The dark side

I took a little break from "work" knitting the other day and deciding to try spinning. I bought a "Learn to Spin Kit" when I was in graduate school a few years ago, but never really used it- I found the spindle (it was top whorl) really hard to control and wobbly (it was not a very nice one). Recently I swapped someone for an Ashford Classic spindle, bottom whorl. I still had the fiber than came with the kit (really rough Swalesdale top, but easy to spin, they say). I found the bottom whorl much easier to spin with.

Though it was easier to use, that by NO means suggests that it was easy. My results were "variable" at best- some parts were super thin and broke (the Classic is a pretty heavy spindle, apparently) while others were totally superbulky. I managed to get a decent quantity going, and even plied it. The result is decidedly thick-n-thin.

Despite the frustrating parts, it was kind of fun!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

New Magknits is here!

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With my less-than-one-skein (and still full size) Seasilk shawl! Enjoy!