Saturday, September 08, 2007

Take 2

About a week ago I ordered another spindle (a much lighter one, a little over 1 oz, since the nearly 3 oz ones I already have, the top whorl I got in a kit years ago and the Ashford Classic bottom whorl, are no good for finer/lighter yarns, I'm told). I got it from Spunky Eclectic, along with some pretty hand-dyed roving (superwash merino, I have a little fantasy about spinning sock yarn and making socks, a la Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook, a book that has been fueling that urge for several years now). We'll see.

The spindle is a Schacht Hi-Lo (right now I'm preferring bottom whorl, but this one can be used both ways in case I change my mind). Not fancy or anything but it spins nicely. The color of the roving is Bruised Ego (I wanted something different than the sock yarn I usually buy).

Anyway, the box arrived just as we were leaving for a bbq, but when I got home I spun a bit of the sample roving that Amy so lovingly wrapped around the spindle (it looked like a lollpop, I should have taken a picture!) It turned out a lot better than my first try the other day-- I'm encouraged!! Here it is with its twist setting in my shower:

What do you think?

(Yes, I'm knitting too-- I finished a sock for a book today at the bbq and the Tilli Tomas top is just in need of finishing. I just can't SHOW that stuff right now, so I'm showing you this).

Oh, and tomorrow is Stitch n' Pitch in Detroit-- for those who are going, see you there!

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Larjmarj said...

The spun yarn looks awesome, love the colors! One day I'll attempt.