Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wee Little Sock

I got a lot done the past couple of days (editing patterns, finishing 2 sweater designs) so to celebrate I took a few minutes out of my day to knit this little sock (the one that goes with the sock blocker keychain). It called for size 0's, I probably should have used 1's since it came out a bit small (it is squeezed onto that blocker!!) But I knit tight, after all. I like the colors (ancient leftover Koigu) so I'm sticking with it for now, I may knit another when I want to change it up. I've been meaning to make some of those tiny sock earrings too, I may do that later, we'll see... (or I may just work on an old project, like my Touch Me scarf). Tomorrow I'm starting on 3 new designs that are due in October, but until then, I'm going to do whatever I want!!
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Larjmarj said...

That is SO cute! Where ever did you find it?

Amy said...

I got it at Heritage Spinning and Weaving in Lake Orion.

Ragan Knits etc... said...

Aww...too cute!