Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Scout's UFO Meme

Because Scout asked me to, here's my current UFOs. A sock, and as it happens, 4 sweaters, including my long-suffering Level 3 Aran for the Master Knitter Program, which I'll probably never finish because I don't like knitting it. Going around clockwise from the bottom, we have the Aran, a partial strip from the Faith Jacket, the sock, a sweater for SWTC, and my other long-suffering project, my Bohus sweater from the kit I got at Stitches Midwest last year. Each is spewing out of the bag it's hiding in, though at the moment I do have a few empty knitting bags (my blue Jordana Paige satchel and my Flo bag, among them.) That's a waste, right? Guess I should start something new to take care of that little problem!

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Amby said...

I just got the blue Jordanna Paige bag too, and I'm loving it! I've got the Audrey-sweater-in-progress in there, and there's plenty of room for more!