Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm not sharing him, sorry

Emma is going to a birthday party this afternoon, which means Hubbo and I have a few hours to ourselves. When I asked what he wanted to do today, he said, "Are there any yarn stores you've been wanting to go to? Maybe some that are farther away? Maybe a few? I'll come with you."

Excuse me?

Of course I said yes. Yarn p*rn later.

ETA: We went to Skeins on Main in Rochester, which was by far the most "sitting down friendly" shop I've been in. Lots of couches and stuff, and good yarn too. Hubbo said things like, "Oohh...a Noro book!" and "I like the effect of that yarn in that sweater." It was pretty cool. I restrained myself since it's not like I needed anything, and bought this:

The new Knit Simple, an old Knitter's (only $2- the one with my design in it, figured I could use an extra copy), some wayyyy marked down Rowan R2 Rag (it's a strip of fabric, really) and some Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille for those flower facecloths from Weekend Knitting (good gifts!). I was happy to see it's now in "ball" form- I have a swift and winder but it's nicer not to need them, you know?

One more picture, of Emma in ballet today:


Karen said...

HOW GREAT!!! Have a wonderful time . . . can't wait to see your yarn.

Ragan said...

Wow! I wish I could get my hubby to do that! I hope that it was a great time.

Jae said...

Great man you got! I love that store. They have created a wonderful atmosphere.

Chrissy said...

Sounds similar to my day yesterday. I'm so glad to hear that Crystal Palace chenille is comeing in ball form. It's such a pain to wind something so short. It'll probably take my LYS a while to get it though :(

Marji said...

ohh my, my hubby would do pretty much anything to get Out of going to a LYS. Lucky you. Anyway, next time he wants to go far, drive up to Lansing to Threadbear. I found it on my circle tour of LYS in Michigan last November and was in yarn store heaven.