Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oh the agony, and new projects

Monday I was so sore I was waddling around like a pregnant lady- and then I had to go to tap Monday night and ice skate with my class for a field trip yesterday-- what a combination!

Yesterday I also got the grey yarn I needed to make a Totoro hat for Emma, from this pattern from Hello Yarn. Emma is a huge Totoro fan. I am using the yarn called for in the pattern, from Knit Picks. I also bought just one of their circulars to try out, since they're so cheap. I also got the news that Jae will trade some of my merino sock yarn for the two skeins of Touch Me that I need for my scarf! Hubbo will be glad I'm recycling stash instead of shelling out for more.

I'm still working on my blue Jaywalkers- though I'm tempted to start a new pair for the trip I'm going on (a conference for work) tomorrow. Soon I'll be busy with design projects for SWTC again and in the meantime I'd like to try out that new skein of STR I bought!

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