Saturday, November 18, 2006

New Jaywalkers, Blue Jaywalkers

All done (at last- these were put on hold so many times to finish something else). Done in Socks That Rock Lightweight (Lapis). I was worried I wouldn't make it since they seemed to be consuming more yarn than usual, but there was more than I thought left over (there should be- I have really small feet!) The stripeyness turned to blotchiness through the feet, but what are you going to do? Oh well. I find the STR washes better than the Koigu I used for my other pair, although the Koigu maintained its stripeyness better. I think I'd rather they wash well- I'm not one for pampering my handknit socks. If they can't survive the washer and dryer they're not for me, I'm afraid (although I am nice to my sweaters).


Larjmarj said...

Look at those GAMS!
I agree with you, socks have got to at least survive the washing machine, I have a few pair that I line dry because of elastic content but other than that, they have to wash well and easily.

Ragan said...

They are lovely!

Courtney said...

Those socks are great. I like the shoes too. Are they Birkenstocks?