Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm back!

I'm back from the conference I went to for work- I've been gone nearly a week! I managed to get very close to finishing the Totoro hat for Emma, but I didn't bring both balls of yarn and ran out while knitting the ears. I'm planning to finish it tonight, either at home or in Dearborn if I can get to SnB (I have a meeting of undetermined length to attend, plus some other things to do, so we'll see). Luckily I also brought along my Touch Me scarf, and got as far as starting the second ball. I got the yarn Jae sent to finish it yesterday, which is great, so my scarf can be its full intended length without additional yarn shopping (as much as I like it). I managed to lose both my favorite earrings (they were just from Target, don't worry) AND my little green clicky row counter at the airports (one there, one back) which added some frustration, but overall I had a pretty good time.

I got a big ball of Tofutsies while I was gone too, and am going to start on a sock design for SWTC tonight. Should be fun.

Pictures later, when I get to taking some!

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Jae said...

Glad the yarn arrived safely. I received yours the other day. Sorry, I didn't let you know sooner - I've been swamped. The colors are yummy and I'm going through my sock patterns to decide what to make.