Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yarn Crawl

Friday I enjoyed a Yarn Crawl with Beth and Sonya. We made the rounds to Old Village Yarn Shop in Plymouth, Knitting Den in South Lyon, Knit a Round (my favorite ever) in Ann Arbor, and finally a quick stop to Busy Hands (also in Ann Arbor) followed by eating too much chocolate fondue (not bad, eh?) I bought lots of Diakeito Diamusee, some other Diakeito yarn, some Koigu, SWTC Amaizing, something that ruffles when you knit it- I think it's from Online, some sock yarn, some Dune on clearance, some Zara Plus on clearance, some Nashua Wooly Stripes, some Malabrigo, and who knows what else. The only problem is I spent WAY more than I should have, though I didn't pay full price for much. My haul is pictured above (I already knit nearly 5 balls of the Diakeito Diamusee into a little capelet- see below- it's still damp and blocking). Obviously I spent the remainder of the weekend mainly knitting and lounging- pretty nice.

The pattern is roughly based on the "Grand Plan Capelet" that was in some old issue of Interweave Knits- there is a top down version I think in Wrap Style. I put a cable panel down the front, the bottom and top edges are just 2X2 rib. The cable is impossible to see in the picture though.

Also on Friday the mailman brought the yarn I have to swatch up for the Great Wall of Yarn at TNNA in January (get to keep the leftovers though!) I usually get stuck with a lot of novelties so imagine my delight to get a skein of cashmere and the rest either merino or alpaca.


Shorty said...

Man alive, you're quick! I love the cape, who's it for?


Beth said...

I love the capelet, it's gorgeous!

Amy said...

It's for ME.

Debby said...

Caplet is wonderful. Also will look for your knitted swatches on the Great Wall in January. I can't wait to get to San Diego