Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tofutsies socks are finished!

Talk about a quick project- I cast on for these at Knitter's Night Out (at Have You Any Wool in Berkley) on Friday and finished them today. They are a quick and easy design for SWTC in their new Tofutsies sock yarn- the one I mentioned before that is Soysilk/wool/cotton/ with a dash of crab and shrimp shells. It looks and feels like sock yarn- soft and nice.

I found out that the sweater I did for SWTC that is appearing in the new Knit n' Style (February issue, out later this month) is on pg. 65. I haven't seen it yet myself but I know that much.

Oh, one other thing. At Knitter's Night Out I was poking through the trunk show sweaters and saw my own Simplici-Tee (a design I did for SWTC last spring, in Phoenix)! First the teddy bear kits and now this. Made me smile (and buy some yarn, but I would have done that anyway, right?)


Larjmarj said...

Do you feel crabby when you wear them? I love shorty socks they are one of my favs usually I do them in Cascade fixation, great for work.

Shorty said...

As always, great project. I wish I could finish something that quick. Maybe after I've been knitting awhile.

Hope to see the socks Tuesday.


Amy said...

They're not for me, got to send them to SWTC.

Jae said...

How exciting to see your work out in the world! It's one thing to think to yourself that you've done a good job and entirely another thing to see others promoting your work. Way to go!

Dana said...

Congrats on the sweater design and cute socks too. I'd love the pattern, I have some Lorna's leftover and it might be perfect to make those with.