Sunday, December 30, 2007

Et tout range, enfin

I'll admit it. I love arranging and tidying up things like my purse, knitting bag, bookshelves... just don't ask me about the dirty dishes or the laundry piled on the basement floor. Today (after another pile of tech editing was done) I decided to finally figure out what needles I have and enter them on Ravelry (hopefully to avoid any further unecessary repurchasing of existing materials). Case in point, I discovered that I own 8 (yes, eight) size H crochet hooks. And 4 sets of size 10.5 straight needles (and I almost never use straight needles since I realized that circulars work that way too). Yes, some of the doubles (triples?) are different materials, length, etc, but a lot of them aren't. As a bonus I found out the needles I actually do still need (well, maybe not need). Anyway, even though I don't use them, I found I have quite a few straight needles! A sampling is shown above (l-r): Pony Total (kind of cut off), Aero, Lantern Moon, Pony Pearl, Suzanne's Rosewood, Swallow Casein (my old favorites), Hobi (love the little red plastic yarn ball that holds them together), Lion Brand, Swallow Casein again, some old yellow ones, Brittany Birch, Crystal Palace Daisy, Brittany Walnut (the first thing I bought at a "real" yarn store, ever), more Swallow Casein, Suzanne's Ebony, more Hobi, Bryspun (the heaviest size 19's ever- you could kill someone with a knock to the head), Crystal Palace Bamboo, and some old ones that say "Dependon".
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Larjmarj said...

I need to do that with my needles too. I can't recall what I have or don't have, or think I have.