Thursday, December 06, 2007

Apparently he's still got it

Hubbo and Emma got the tree up the other day (love the fake ones, sorry!) while I sat nearby and knitted furiously on the little boy's sweater for Aslan Trends (which is now done, glad to say, and all packed up and ready to ship!!) Apparently Pinecone still has it in him, because he's spent most of the past few days in the tree, knocking down ornaments and trying to take a nap in there. Emma made all these candy cane ornaments out of red and white pipe cleaners, and he's especially fond of those (which shouldn't surprise me since I've caught him opening Emma's desk drawers to get pipe cleaners before). Rosie, thankfully, is too busy sitting next to the humidifier (??) to bother with the tree (he's generally the "good natured idiot", while Pinecone is the criminal mastermind). Being home with the cats is entertaining, to say the least.

Anyway, of course I'm still buried in work, though now I'm down to only 2 more sweaters before the new year. (Hopefully I'll finish my unfinished gifts as well, we'll see-- the work knitting has to come first). I did get that other big tech editing job, so now I'm working on 2 books-- pretty cool. Hopefully I'll actually get out to knit with my knitting friends soon-- too many things have been conspiring to keep me away lately! :(


Anonymous said...

Oh Pinecone, get outta that tree!! Be a nice kitteh! Funny that he like pipecleaners!!! We have one who loves paper. Specially the shredded stuff. Hope the must knits get done quickly, so you can get back to the want to knits. :O) samm

Larjmarj said...

It's funny ... you stopped "working" and now you're busier than ever! At least you're moving in a creative direction. Someday, I hope that will be my full time gig too.