Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Knit Michigan and little update

First, yes, I'm still furiously working. I finished the little sweater and am up to my armpits in another, with yarn for 2 more on my shelf. Plus gifts to finish as well. Yes, I'm crazy.

But more importantly, once again I'm participating as a "marathoner" at Knit Michigan. Just like last year, I'm offering up a pile of yarny goodness to one lucky supporter. What kind of goodness, you ask? Well, I've put together a mighty pile of 20 skeins of nice stuff, including Yarn Pirate, SWTC, Louet, and more, enough for several pairs of socks and plenty of smaller 2-3 skein projects. Here's a little peek:

How can you get this, you ask? Well, it's simple. If you are interested in donating whatever you can to any of the cancer charities that Knit Michigan supports (list follows), simply email me at frottez AT att DOT net and I will tell you how to get your check (made out to the charity of your choice) to me and as a thank you I will put your name in the hat to win the goodies. Last year I managed to raise $350, and I'd love to beat that this year-- will you help? The charities are:
Barbara Ann Karamanos Cancer Institute, Beaumont Hospitals - Rose Cancer Treatment Center, Genesys Regional Medical Center, Gilda's Club, and University of Michigan
Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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