Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Emma's legwarmers

She's been dying to have them (in sparkly pink SWTC Vegas, just 2X2 rib with the yarn used doubled). We ended up scrapping our New Year's plans due to the weather (we had plans to go over an hour away from home) so instead we just made some snacks, watched movies, and I finished knitting these. Not a bad evening!
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Larjmarj said...

Sounds like a good plan, we stayed in and listened to the gunfire. The leg warmers are super cute! Damn that kid's got LONG toes!! LOL, it's nice to be able to pick stuff up off the floor with your feets.

Anonymous said...

Very wow leg warmers! I'm so glad someone else will be wearing them! When I shovel snow in my jeans, I put them on to stay warm and dry. :) Mine are bright red! Pretty pink sparkly ! samm

Shorty said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your New Years. Being able to knit is always a plus. Love Miss E.'s legwarmers. I think I need to make myself a pair.