Saturday, January 12, 2008

Good news

I had a design accepted for an upcoming book, Sensual Evening Knits (follow up to Sensual Knits). While I'm waiting for yarn, though (I already put in the call to the yarn company) I'm going to finish up the Shibui design and get going on the Tilli Tomas one. Hopefully I'll hear something good on a magazine or two soon (I've sent out a few submissions lately). If not, I've got plenty of tech editing to keep me busy!

And now, back to spinning the superwash merino roving I got from Spunky Eclectic.


Mea said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see it in print (de-lurking in case you were wondering)

Larjmarj said...

So...hmmm...what are you gonna make?

A mohair thong?

Just a thought. ;-)

Dana said...

Great job on the magazine.

Can't wait to see your handspun!

Diane said...

Congratulations Amy! I feel like I know a real walking and talking celebrity!

Laurie (Moo!) said...

That's WONDERFUL news! Congrats! :-)