Friday, October 19, 2007

Little Update

Super windy today, I went for a long walk and my headphones actually blew off my head. Anyway, yesterday some drama got resolved... some submissions I had sent out over 2 weeks ago (by Priority Mail, with delivery confirmation) NEVER showed up, even though it should have taken more like 2 days. When I realized the deadline was at hand and they weren't there (according to the handy tracking thing) I was really upset. Fortunately, lovely magazine people let me send scans of my sketches and swatches (yet another reason to ALWAYS do this) so they could still be considered. Anyway, the resolution... yesterday they emailed to say they had finally arrived. I'm happy for that, but still a bit annoyed at the Post Office.

The little project I'm working on for the Spring/Summer Knit Simple is coming along-- I should be done Sunday or Monday, yay.

Oh, and I found out the design I did for the Winter Knitter's has been moved to the Spring issue, so don't look for it just yet! :) I do have stuff in the next Creative Knitting and Cast On, though- can't wait!

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Diane said...

Phew! I'm glad your package arrived. I don't know what's with the post office lately, raise the rates, and crappy service. I mailed my daughter something on Monday, she finally got it today.