Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Hubbo is back in Toronto now for business, so Emma and I had a girls day out. After my usual workout this morning, I thought it would be a good idea to pull Emma in the wagon 2 miles to the bowling alley so she could use the Free Bowling coupon she got from the library from the summer reading club. Why? I guess because I'm Into Exercise now. Anyway, it was not such a hot idea- I was totally sweaty and gross by the time we got there, and some teenage boys mocked our wagon. She did walk/run a good part of the way, to her credit (she's doing the kid race at the 10K I'm in next weekend, and takes her "training" seriously.) Anyway, we bowled, we went out for some linner (totally off-schedule on meals today) and stopped at the playground on the way home (as we came up to it she said, "Say Mom, since it's such a beautiful day and you look tired and I'm sure there's some knitting in your purse you need to work on, let's stop at the playground for a bit." She was correct on all counts.) As a result, I got a bit more done on my sock. At home, I am nearly finished with a design for SWTC and have been watching all the "_______ House" DVDs (you know, those PBS shows) from Netflix. Ahhh, summer vacation.

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Jae said...

Other than the sweaty and gross part it sounded like a nice day. ;)