Friday, July 28, 2006

New design (and DSL again!!)

After 3 agonizing weeks, our dear computer is back with us after a horrifying malfunction- so I have DSL again! No more having to choose between pokey old dial up on the laptop or going out to Panera or something to use the wireless. Yay!

The new issue of Cast On has a design of mine- it's what is shown on pg. 49 in this preview. Basically a felted, Fair Isle pillow- nothing huge. This was one of the parade of projects I had to complete in the spring- I got this one done in 2 days. Design-wise, right now I am working on one project for SWTC, have another in the works, and (maybe) 2 or 3 other things magazine and other yarn company-wise that I don't want to jinx so I'll say nothing more- but I did have some potentially encouraging emails lately. I also did another submission today.

Tomorrow is the 10K, then Sunday is the Harlot!! (If you live around me, you must go- Ann Arbor District Library at 2:00).

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