Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New sock!

I've finished another sock (yes, AGAIN in Socks That Rock Lightweight- Cobalt Bloom) and have started its friend. I shipped out the hat and scarf set in Gianna to SWTC and cast on another sweater for them today- apparently I'm also going to be working on some "top secret" stuff for them too- sounds fun. I think I've settled into a nice routine of doing almost all my design work for them- keeps me from getting stretched too thin and they keep me plenty busy all by themselves! I'll occasionally submit to magazines, but not too much- I learned my lesson in the spring when I had 9 projects to finish in as many weeks.

Saturday is the deadline for my little contest- don't miss out!


Dana said...

Nice sock! I love the colors. I just finished one myself, the Pomatamus or Hippo sock I call it. Gotta get going on the second one.
We're planning on YH for Sunday also, there should be a group of us. Hope to see you there!

Jae said...

I love the color!

Dipsy said...

I really love this sock, such happy and cheerful colors!