Sunday, February 26, 2006


What I've accomplished this week on the other design for SWTC- it's not stockinette, though it might look that way from a distance. I really like the yarn (Amerah) but it's a bit slow to knit with, even using Turbos. Plus...

Progress on my Jaywalkers-- oh how I love Koigu.

I may have a design in the works for another yarn company- I've been talking back and forth all week, working out details. I'll let you know when (if!) it's a go. I managed to send out two submissions this week (and knit and wrote the pattern for the other SWTC design) and considering I had two days of jury duty (and still didn't get selected) without knitting (I managed to get it past security but was later asked to put it away) and promptly got the flu afterwards (still have it, yuck) I got a fair amount done this week- good thing I didn't have to work! (Of course, the house is not clean and I haven't done much of what I needed to for work- I can knit but can't think with the flu- sorry!)


Susan said...

What size needles are you using with the Jaywalkers? I have some Koigu that I'd love to make socks with.

Amy said...

I'm using size 1.5.