Monday, February 20, 2006

Done with the foot, more socks, and yarn!

The picture reveals all:

1. I have finished the foot of my first Sockapalooza sock. It seems huge to me. I measured it and it's right, but it still seems big. (I think it's because I've only ever knit socks for my own pitifully small feet, not for anyone else.)
2. The Jaywalkers I started for myself. Yes, more Koigu baby! Every stitch so far has been knit in public, much to the despair of Hubbo, who chatised me more that once, especially in the restaurant. I'm even thinking about smuggling them into jury duty tomorrow.
3. The yarn I bought Saturday at Indigo Rose in Sterling Hts. It was cute in there, and they even had dyes and stuff. After a while Hubbo sent Emma in after me, and they gave her chocolate. Not bad, since she usually gets a dirty look for daring to enter a yarn store, even though she's good.
I also managed to do a couple of submissions, but now I must submit to housework, since it's a sty in here. Knitting will resume when I can see the floor. Until then!


crazycatladymel said...

I love Indigo Rose! It's near enough to work that I can squeeze a visit in on my lunch hour. Once I cracked that "everyone thinks I'm in the bathroom" and now one of the ladies always asks me if I'm on break or hiding in the bathroom.

Did you see the tea and cookies/cake in the back?

crazycatladymel said...

(Don't worry about the sushi yarn! I can't start it until I finish this sweater. I am still geeked that I won.)