Wednesday, February 01, 2006

More good stuff

Thanks for all the nice comments about the sushi. I had woken up in a totally bad mood, only to discover:
1. The sushi was up.
2. I had already been paid for the sushi.
3. That means I could buy more Koigu at Knitting Zone since they take PayPal, which my sushi money was in.
4. I sold two more designs to South West Trading! (One in Amerah and one in Bamboo Feather)
5. I found out who my Sockapalooza pal is! She likes everything, but has much bigger feet than I do (I am the size of a 6th grader. Seriously. Once when I was subbing in middle school about 10 years ago I got mistaken for a student and told to report to the principal's office for cutting class.) More knitting than usual, but when was that a problem?

A good day. And yes, I already ordered the Koigu. When it comes, I will have 13 full skeins plus 7 partial ones. No more than 3 the same color (mostly one of a kind), but I like Koigu to be kind of riotous. That's the point, right?


Laurie (Moo!) said...

So, basically, something is "fishy" with your PayPal account! LOL!

Give a woman a fish and she can cook for 1 night. Teach a woman how to sell fish and she can buy more yarn!

Good for you!!

knittinmom said...

Mmm, Koigu! I still have to figure out what to spend my mag knits money on - that might be a good start!

brewerburns said...

I saw the sushi and can't wait to make it. It's fantastic. I can't imagine anything more fun. Simple, uses tiny bits of yarn and extremely amusing when you're done.

Acornbud said...

Koigu-so springy and lovely! Thanks for the sushi:)