Friday, February 17, 2006

A Secret Pal Valentine plus More Unnecessary Shopping

Look! More surprises from my Secret Pal (not counting the nice card I got on Wednesday.) Malabrigo yarn in a pretty lavender shade, a pink picture frame, and a boatload of sugar free tastiness! (I'm saving that for tomorrow since I'm taking a day off o' South Beach today- brace yourself for fries and ice cream! I have not had fries since August, and man, did they taste good.)

It's Midwinter Break starting this evening, so aside from the jury duty I have on Tuesday (and I hope that is it!) I'm looking at a week off from work. Time to get some serious knitting done- I'd love to finish one of the projects I have going for South West Trading. There's another submission or two I'd like to get done also, plus there's only a ton of housework and stuff for work to do too.

Today we had a teacher work day which ended early, so I treated myself to a little trip to Knitter's Kove which is only about 10 minutes from the school. They moved into a bigger store and I hadn't seen it yet. I bought a little more Koigu (as if I needed it!) and some more size 1.5 dpns. Crystal Palace bamboo- those are pretty nice. Tomorrow we are going to be out on the "east side" and I'm hoping to check out some of the yarn-related action there, since even though I lived in Sterling Hts for a big chunk of my young life, we hardly ever venture east of Woodward these days. I will probably buy more stuff. I'm on vacation, after all.


Secret Pal said...

I'm so glad you liked everything and that you got my Valentines card. Yay!

I hope you have a fabulous week off (I'm so jealous). Enjoy your vacation!

Dana said...

Do you teach in Livonia? My daughter goes to Randolph.