Sunday, February 12, 2006

More Sockapalooza progress and a FO

First, the sock:

Believe it or not, I worked on this every night this week before bed (I have a bookcase headboard and keep one of my knitting bags inside the little cupboard for bedtime knitting.) The reason I am only a few inches farther along than last week is I discovered an error WAY BACK (that what happens when you knit when you're sleepy, I guess) and had to do a lot of ripping. (Weep, sadness.)

And the FO:

It's my little result of actually using bulky Lion Brand yarn. But it's kind of cute, isn't it? Didn't take very long either. This time it's Pinecone that got into the picture instead of Rosalie. The pattern is from Knit It! (on the cover.)


Chrissy said...

Your sock is looking great!

Ragan said...

I really like how your sock is turning out! It is very nice. Also, I like your sweater too!

Marie said...

I love the colors of the sock - very pretty!

Sara M. said...

Your sock is turning out so pretty! :o)

Laurie (Moo!) said...

Pinecone looks like it's only a matter of seconds before that shrug becomes a kitty bed!

The sock progress looks good. It goes faster the second time around.

Janette said...

The shrug looks great!