Sunday, January 01, 2006

Year in Review

I did my fair share this year, finishing 29 projects (no, I'm not counting the one I finished today.) Here they are (in order):
1. My Fair Isle tam (pattern at Chiagu)

2. Blue Collar from Scarf Style
3. A little knitted pouch for a kid friend
4. Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise sweater
5. A Koigu cozy for my mp3 player
6. A stuffed lion
7. A silk needle case (pattern here)
8. Girly Bag (pattern at MagKnits)
9. Charlotte's Web shawl
10. Little sushis that look real
11. Beaded bracelet
12. One Skein Wonder I, out of Cotton Ease
13. Annie Modesitt's Silk Corset
14. One Skein Wonder II, out of Knit Picks Andean Silk
15. Chic Knits Bucket Hat
16. Cuddly Bear for SWTC- my favorite design of mine so far
17. Charlotte pullover for SWTC
18. Funky Entrelac Pillow for Creative Knitting magazine, coming in May
19. The Much Maligned Baby Coco, Winter 2005 issue of Knitter's (looks better in the magazine than the website, I think)
20. Amerah Bag for Creative Knitting magazine, coming in July
21. Karaoke Mosaic Purse for SWTC
22. Twize Tank for SWTC
23. Fuzzy Feet!
24. One Skein Wonder III, out of Kureyon
25. Cashmere neckwarmer for an Xmas gift (using the expensive ball Joe bought me at String when he went to New York)
26. Pagoda Princess dress for SWTC
27. Cabled wristwarmers for an Xmas gift
28. Mittens for Emma, for Xmas
29. Legwarmers made of Karaoke
This was a big year for me since I decided to try designing and got more submissions accepted than I ever would have thought! Most of what I sent got accepted, and that kept me very busy, especially from August-October, when I started knitting things for South West Trading and had all the magazine work to do pretty much at once. I was knitting every spare minute of the day! It's been hard to get it all done with the "real" job to worry about too, but I wouldn't have changed a thing. I also got an article in Knitty this year and the stuff in Annie Modesitt's book, which was cool, and I started this little blog.
I've already started on this year- this morning I finished my project for the Quick to Knit Gifts magazine (not sure when it comes out but I'll tell you when I do find out.) Here's a little hint:

And here's a resolution of sorts- to finish my long-suffering Level 3 Aran. The rest of the stuff (swatches, paperwork, etc.) has been done for nearly a year. A year, people. All organized and collecting dust. I need to get off my lazy ass.
Okay, on to the contest:
As I said earlier, I finished 29 projects this year, so the winner is: Amy, who guessed 30 (had I actually finished those Trekking socks, you would have been spot on.)
As for the stash, I counted an alarming 263 skeins, so the winner is: Susan, who guessed 254.
Congratulations, and ladies please email me to claim your prizes- frottez at att dot net.


Laurie (Moo!) said...

WOW! You did so many projects!

I think my resolution should be to keep much better track of my projects! LOL!

Loving the sushi! It's the only kind I'd have in the house.


Lolly said...

That knit sushi is so adorable, Amy! I need to try this pattern - perfect for stashbusting some of the little leftovers.

Happy New Year to you ;)