Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ugly Avatar Fun

Jen and La made this look so fun, so I too went to Yahoo and made myself an ugly avatar- avert your eyes! (Note the beer can helmet. I initially went for the "Kwanzaa Porch" background but decided the 4th of July was even uglier.)

Yahoo! Avatars

Edited to add Okay, so I had to go back for the Kwanzaa porch- it's just too bizarre. And I have a thing for pets in raincoats, apparently. And the ketchup, just like dripping blood.

Yahoo! Avatars


La said...

"Dog Bless America..."

jenifleur said...

Icky. Yeah yahell really crapped up the fourth of july, didn't they?

Of course, you've made it worse.

Susan said...

Looks like she left the trailer just in time for the fireworks show. Ugh!! Hey, Happy New Year to you, too!

I love your sushi pattern!

Ragan said...

heh out for those avatars...they are addictive!