Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ah, the bitter sting of rejection

I finally heard back from Amy Singer today, it's a no-go for my submission for her upcoming book.

In more positive news, I may have another thing or two in the works for SWTC- waiting for the final word.

Other happy stuff- the next 2 issues of Creative Knitting will have my patterns in them! One is an entrelac pillow in SWTC Karaoke and Fur Real and the other is a little bag in SWTC Amerah, which you probably haven't seen yet. It's 100% silk, but raw-looking and really cool- great for knitting with in the summer when wool is too hot and sweaty. (I knit more in the summer than any other time of year, so it's something to consider!)

One last happy thought- the sushi goes up this week at MagKnits!

That rejection doesn't seem so bad now, come to think of it.


Jae said...

Congrats on the Creative Knitting patterns! They sound very cool.

Susan said...

Congratulations on your patterns! Can't wait to see them!

Lolly said...

Not soo bitter when you have the good news right after it. I realy can't wait for the sushi pattern ;)

knittinmom said...

I'm glad I'm in good company! I swear that woman hates me.