Monday, January 23, 2006

The Sushi Cometh, and Bohus progress

Kerrie over at MagKnits says my sushi pattern will be in the next issue- look for it Feb. 1!

Despite lots to do for work and an overwhelming urge to sleep this weekend, I did make a little progress on The Red Palm:

I also started something out of Wool Ease Thick n' Quick (how unusual for a snob like moi) but it's just kind of cute. I'll show you that later when there's more to show.

Today was a bit crummy but when I got home there was this:

It's five skeins of Koigu, in the process of moving in with the rest of the Koigu. Mmmmmmm.... Koigu.

One last thing, Saturday was Emma's birthday, and she and her dad went to a "daddy daughter luau"-- Happy turning 6, sweetiepie!


katie said...

Glad to hear the sushi will be up soon! I didn't copy it quick enough when you first posted it, and I want to make some. :)

Lolly said...

Yea sushi! Can't wait to see that ;) I loved your little glimpse of it before!

A birthday luau is so cool - happy belated birthday to Emma!

SecretPal said...

Emma is just darling in that picture! Happy belated birthday Emma:)

Can't wait to see your sushi pattern in MagKnits, how exciting!

Ragan said...

Lovely! All of it, the yarn, the project, and your little one.