Friday, December 30, 2005

For year's end, a contest

Okay- the other day I went yarn shopping (I know, I didn't need to) but I got some neat stuff. (I also ended up being asked to autograph the shop's copies of Knitter's, but that's a long and embarrassing story.) Anyway, while sorting and rearranging my stash, I realized that the count I had been keeping was WAY off (oops.) So now, a CONTEST. Answer me these questions 2- the closest guess in each category gets a swell prize of 6 skeins of yarn, either Cotton Ease or miscellaneous from the LYS- no garbage or partial skeins, don't worry. The first winner to get back to me gets first pick. I'll announce the winners by the end of the day on January 1st, so get your answers in before then, okay?
1. How many skeins do I have in my stash?
2. How many knitting projects did I finish in 2005?

Good luck!


keohinani said...

Hi! I visited the Auburn Hills area. Lake Orion HS has hosted the USGWA Girls National Wrestling Championship Tournament since 1998, and the high school I coach for tries to take a few girls up every year.
Regarding the contest, I'm going to throw out a couple of guesses:
1. 221
2. 88

Jan B. said...

OK, I'll guess 300 skeins in the stash, and 35 FO's. ???


Susan said...

Hmm, how about 254 for the stash and 56 FOs. I'm too scared to count my stash.

Amy said...

I'm going to guess 228 skeins and 30 FO...