Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Instant legwarmers! (almost)

I finished my legwarmers (I may make more, who knows?) for the Cover Your Ankles knitalong. These were super quick and just took an evening to finish. I used leftover SWTC Karaoke that I had in my stash, one strand each of Intensity and Bloom held together on size 10 needles. I made these quite a bit smaller (only about 12" long) than the pair I did last year (for wearing under pants), which were out of Kureyon and came halfway up my thigh (great for wearing under skirts when I take my class out to recess in the winter, I'm telling you.)


Lolly said...

Yours are very nice! Quick and easy and instant results.

I think longer ones are next on my list... halfway up the thigh? wow!

Laura said...

How much Karaoke did you end up using? I have five skeins in my stash.

I like yours -- they look cozy and quick!