Friday, August 05, 2005


Until Stitches Midwest! I am so excited. I finished the little strange socks, which though potentially tacky, I had to make. I used an imperceptible amount of Koigu leavings from Charlotte. Here is Exhibit A, the right foot:

Why no left foot? I don't know. If you want the pattern, it's here. Anyway, I have an "issue" with the mail--if I think something interesting might come I check it constantly, assuming I'm not at work, which since it's early August I am not (the start of school looms ever closer though.) It's the same with the UPS man, who is supposed to come today, to bring the yarn for my first design for South West Trading Company. I keep looking out the window and listening for the siren sound of squeaky truck brakes.

Despite the time I am spending blogging, I have been productive today. I have not knit (believe it or not) but instead did some work on unit plans for the upcoming school year and had fun setting up my new lesson plan book. Trying to get something done now so I don't freak out later, I suppose.

Thanks for all the nice comments about my corset!

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