Monday, August 08, 2005

It's bigger than your head!

What is it you say? The yarn I'm using for my next project for SWTC- behold, the lovely Karaoke (this is one of the solid colors, mind you.)

Fun, yes, but all is not well. I got called for jury duty, in creepy old downtown Detroit, a place that creeps me out to drive in since I don't know where I'm going and am afraid I'll end up in a bad neighborhood, which isn't too hard to do. The worst part is it's the week before school starts, so if I get put on a jury I may lose out on my setting up my new classroom in our new building time, which could lead to a horrifying and panicked Labor Day weekend. Wish I could set up early, but they're not done remodeling yet. Sigh. The worst part is the list of things you CAN'T bring in to the court building is a mile long and eliminates pretty much anything but a book to amuse oneself during the inevitable long waits. Sigh again.

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