Sunday, May 08, 2005

My Beloved Lair

Remember how I was complaining the other day about not having a digital camera? Joe bought me one for Mother's Day (which is very odd, normally I just get a meal out or something.) He had the needs of the blog in mind, which is sweet. To celebrate, I am subjecting you to a parade of photos about my favorite room in the house, my Knitting Room, otherwise known as The Reason I'm Done Having Children (the extra bedroom is MINE!) Enjoy!

My secret knitting lair (note the enormous schematic of my Aran on the wall- I still hadn't discovered 10X10 graph paper yet.

Yes, when it comes to knitting books I have a problem. A big problem.

My favorite knitting bags.

The needles (not including the dpns and circulars, which are in plastic containers near my chair) and my beloved Nifty Swift.

The stash, consuming most of the closet in my knitting room.

Pinecone II trying to steal my chair.

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Joan said...

What a very cool nest you have and very organized!