Monday, May 16, 2005

Found this picture lying around today...too cute not to share. (It's Emma when she was about 9 months old, in 2000. Apparently she liked the taste of foliage then.)


Snooze said...

Good morning! I came across your blog linking back and forth from some ring (I have no clue...I haven't finished my first coffee yet.) You're a terrific writer, and not bad in the knitting department, either! LOL

I stuck a huge plug for your blog on mine today (I get a coupla hundred in traffic more or less daily at this point) and I think they should be reading you if they aren't.

Lucky you to be so close to your lys. I live in Grayling (imagine visual of me showing you the back of my left hand and pointing...) which is exit 259 off I75 and I have to travel a loooong way for yarn.

It's good to make your acquaintance.


Atouria said...

Snooze sent me!

I love the photo of Emma in the leaves. She's so beautiful and so are the leaves and composition. Looking forward to seeing more stuff from ya!


Me said...

Hi there! I'm also here via Snooze! Your daughter is sooo cute there... and I have to tell you that I'm dead jealous of your knitting room! :o)

Nancy said...

Too cute! Welcome to the blog world.

Jenn said...

Welcome to blogging. Emma is a doll! I have a litle girl, Katie who was born in Aug of '01. Little girls are so fun!

I also have 2 boys, Bennett,2 and James, 3 months!

YOu know, when I statred reading knitting blogs I too said I would never knit Clapotis....just today I have been thinking that I could do it.....Darn bug got me :-)

heather said...

Yup the snooze sent me too--

cute little girl you got there!
Welcome to blogging. Isn't it fun?
Looking forward to see all your knitting!

Amy said...

Thanks for all the nice comments! It's great hearing from all of you.

Anonymous said...

Snooze made me come over and say Hi. Glad I did. Love the stash room. I might have to move the girl's stuff out of the play room and claim it.