Monday, April 11, 2005

The Saga of Bunny

One may wonder who Bunny is, and indeed his life was a fascinating one. He was given to my daughter Emma on the occasion of her birth in January 2000. She ignored him at first, choosing to love instead a finger puppet known as "Town Mouse." At approximately 9 months of age, Emma discarded Town Mouse and took up with the love of her young life, Bunny. Emma and Bunny were inseparable for years, and as Bunny decayed Emma only loved him more. In the summer of 2004, Emma requested that I knit Bunny a sweater (of Noro Kureyon) "to keep his puff in" and also a prosthetic arm (of Lang Jawoll), as one of his had disappeared (see title picture.) Unfortunately, Bunny's life was cut short when he was lost somewhere in Detroit Metro Airport. His memory will be with us always.

Town Mouse, Emma's first love

Bunny as a young man (with Emma, circa 2000)

Bunny in his declining years

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craftydabbler said...

That is the most loved stuffed animal I have ever seen. I thought my teddy bear looked rough with a couple of missing fur patches, but my goodness. It must have been a terrible loss for Emma and a harrowing time for you after his loss.