Monday, April 11, 2005

It's important to be informed

34 Things to Know About Me

I have been knitting since 2000 and am a reformed crocheter.
When I am not knitting I teach first and second grade gifted students.
I have a daughter and 2 cats.
I use a lot of Simpsons phrases in my everyday speech.
Hello Kitty and I are the same age.
I tap dance and sew my own costumes.
I was once known as Juanita Pinecone.
Juanita Pinecone did poetry readings of tasteless limericks and free verse.
I compulsively buy knitting books.
My favorite weather is sunny and 70 degrees, which is pretty rare in Michigan.
My favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut.
My favorite artists are Van Gogh, Chagall, Matisse, and Picasso.
I am a certified knitting teacher.
I am almost a Master Knitter.
My musical tastes (80’s/early 90’s “alternative” rock) have not changed much since high school.
I watch Seinfeld reruns to a compulsive degree.
I hate knitting lace.
My favorite fast food is Taco Bell.
My favorite meal is prime rib, baked potato with sour cream, and a really good salad.
I met my husband in 10th grade.
I have a huge collection of Grace Ennis sock and necktie patterns.
My favorite socks have a hot dog stabbed on a big fork on them.
I also like the poodle necktie and the flaming devil socks.
I love Bohus sweaters and the book I got about them.
Even though I really don’t need any more, I still buy knitting needles.
I procrastinate frequently.
I love checking the mail.
I do not like any foods in the “whipped” or “congealed” groups.
I like buying bags and purses more than clothes.
I despise saltines.
I am very organized.
I skinny-dipped in Lake Michigan, which was bad because it was cold.
I once did something inappropriate at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.
I am not an enigma wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a vest.

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dee cochran said...

I would love to talk to you about your Grace Ennis necktie pattern collection. deecochran (at) tamu (dot) edu or deecochran1968 (at) gmail (dot) com. I have all of her socks and stocking patterns, but need the ties. Thanks.