Sunday, June 10, 2007

Up for air

I finally stopped messing around on Ravelry and got some work done (I admit I haven't left the house all weekend, nor did I get dressed). I knit a bit on a new design I'm doing for SWTC in their new yarn Vegas (Vickie Howell Collection)- my progress is above. It's filled with sparkly pink wonderfulness! And yes, you're not seeing things, I'm using straight needles. My Denises are on another project and the Addis were too slippery, so what else could I do but break out the old Brittany birch needles that were collecting dust in a vase?

I did a few submissions this weekend too, and some tech editing. I also watched a lot of Seinfeld, since I just got Season 8 on DVD. Lots of fun for me in my knitting chaise.

PLUS: only 4 more days left in the school year! Wooooo hoooo!!!!!


Larjmarj said...

The yarn looks lucious!! Vegas seems to be the perfect name for it given all the blingyness.

I am on a little bit of a knitting hiatus right now on account of some thumb tendonitis. I might ice it and try a little bit later.

Tina said...

I love the new yarn you are using. Really I am partial to pink no matter what the yarn is.

I haven't received my invite to Ravelry yet, but I can't wait to join the fun.