Saturday, June 02, 2007

Live from TNNA

Well, after a drive this morning I'm here in Columbus. I spent pretty much the whole day on the show floor checking out all of the goodies. I delivered the super-last minute project in the new Vickie Howell yarn Vegas (love it!!) to SWTC, which I finished just in the nick of time. It's a thick and thin Soysilk and wool blend with a metallic thread. The pink is really cute!

I think I've slept all of 7 hours in the past 2 days so I'm looking a bit rough, but I think everyone will forgive me- I've finished multiple projects in the past week alone!!

Apparently the set I did in the new SWTC yarns Yin and Yang (they are a wool/bamboo/silk blend, and come in the same colors- only Yin is plain and Yang has sequins!) was well received in the fashion show last night. I wish I could have been here for that but I had to be at work (pout).

That's it for now, I have more to tell later!


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Amanda said...

Was it the lovely blue short-sleeved top with matching hat? It was adorable!!! Very very nice. I'm not usually a glitzy kind of girl, but the sequins are subtle, not garish. Quite lovely. And so soft!