Monday, June 04, 2007

Now It Can Be Told

I'm back from TNNA, and now that it's all over I can share what I've been working on. First of all, this is what was in the fashion show. It's done in the new yarns from SWTC, Yin and Yang. They are matching, only Yang has subtle sequins. Both are a wool/bamboo/silk blend. I usually don't go for the sparkly yarns but this is nice. The design was based on a photo from the 1920's.
This is the piece I did last weekend (over Memorial Day) for SWTC's booth. It is in just Yang, so it's more glitsy.
The other thing (that I finished on the way to the show) I don't have a picture of! It's a little pull-through scarf in the new Vickie Howell Collection yarn Vegas, which is a thick and thin wool/Soysilk blend with a metallic thread. The scarf has a big knitted rose right in front of the neck when worn.

I have a new project in the works in Vegas, too-- plus a few other assignments that cropped up at the show.

Overall, I had a great time! I got to chat with lots of fabulous people, including Amy Singer, Lexie Barnes (who had some tasty cupcakes to share and teased me incessantly about being her walking advertisement), Cookie A, Annie Modesitt, Shannon Okey, Stefanie Japel, Pam Allen, editors of various fine knitting magazines and representatives of many fine yarn companies (that's the point, right?) and plenty of blog pals: Cathi, Chrissy, Ivete, and Amy. I finally met my favorite (wait, maybe my only!) blogstalkers Jane and Debby too. The highlight of the weekend, though was seeing my good friend Tracy who used to be a part of our SnB group but moved away to Ohio a few months back. We took in some dinner (along with her friend Lisa who I've met before and some ladies from Lorna's Laces) and then some nightlife before I collapsed in my hotel bed Saturday night. Of course, this meant I blew off the AKD meeting (sorry ladies!)


Larjmarj said...

OHHHH.... I like the top with chains on it!

Amby said...

The 20's top is gorgeous! Great job!

Tina said...

It sounds like you had an awesome experience at TNNA. Your projects are great too.

Shorty said...

Glad you had a good time at TNNA! I wish I could have been there.

As always all your designs are way too cute for words. I especially love the glittery top.


jae said...

The yin / yang top is gorgeous. Wonderful design!!

Anonymous said...

Not teasing, luv, just loving. Glad you liked the cupcakes.