Friday, February 23, 2007

Fruits of my labor

Still waiting for Hubbo to return from a business trip, and thought I'd share what I've gotten done this week (actually the past 3 days, once I started feeling a bit better):

First, I actually crocheted something. Seriously, I haven't crocheted anything since Emma was crawling, I think! It's Chanson en Crochet from Wrap Style, done in SWTC Karaoke (4 balls Mermaid Mix). I got in the mood after I finished tech editing a crochet pattern for SWTC last week, and needed something to work on when I needed a break from the other big endeavor, a design for SWTC in their new Inspiration yarn (Soysilk/alpaca) that has a lot of ribbing. I'm nearly done with that one, hoping to finish by Sunday. I need to buy some buttons, one for this capelet and a few for the other sweater.

On top of that, I edited a few more patterns for SWTC, ran various errands, and went out to lunch with mom. Tomorrow I'm going to check out Heritage Spinning and Weaving, a store I haven't been to before. Hopefully I'll come back with the buttons.


Ragan said...

It is lovely!

jae said...

The colors are beautiful! The subtle shift in colors balance the pattern well.

Have fun at H,S&W!! And thanks for the yarn. It is the most gorgeous shade of blue and soft too! The hard part is going to be deciding what to make with it.

Shorty said...

Another lovely creation! The colors are gorgeous.


Larjmarj said...

Very cute! I'm a little rusty on my crochet but I am contemplating a shawl