Friday, July 01, 2005

At long last, it's summer vacation (for real)

Yesterday we finally finshed everything we needed to finish at school (extra busy with the move and all- Wednesday we stayed until 3:30 am!) and I am now officially on summer vacation. Emma and I decided that in honor of our first day home (she's been in day camp for the last week and a half) we would do whatever we wanted. She chose playing toys and watching DVDs. I picked knitting (duh!) Hopefully I can get a bunch more done on Charlotte since I'm eager to finish...but I also need to finish the thing for MagKnits too...maybe a little of both?
Apparently Blogger lets you post pictures directly now so I'm going to try it. Here we go-

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Laurie (Moo!) said...

How Cute! And isn't it WONDERFUL that we don't need HELLO! anymore!

It's so much easier.

Have a great 4th!